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08. 2018
Can I Fire My Personal Injury Lawyer


Yes. Under the Rules of the Florida Bar, an attorney serves at the will of his/her client. It is the client who makes decisions about where the case goes, not the attorney.  For instance, in a personal injury case, which we at handle, it is the client who decides when a case is done, […]
08. 2018
Accident Injury Attorney, Frank Butler, Florida

What Do You Need to Know About Accident Reconstruction?

If you believe that you have been hurt in an accident caused by another person’s negligent behavior, you should be prepared for the accident reconstruction portion of your case. Although accident reconstruction is not used in every single vehicle accident case, it can be especially beneficial when you need to illustrate difficult concepts related to […]
07. 2018
Florida Bicycle Accident Lawyer, Frank Butler

Children at Risk in Bike Accidents

A new study has found that hundreds of children are injured in serious bike accidents every single day.  Over the course of the summer and the early months of the fall, kids across the country are jumping on their bikes for fun, as well as to get to and from school.  However, hundreds of thousands […]
07. 2018
Driverless Car Accident Attorney, Frank D. Butler


Everyone has heard of “driverless cars”, but what is the status of that in the State of Florida? Florida is actually ahead of the curve—for good or bad can be argued—when it comes to driverless automobiles. The first question is whether a “driver” of a driverless car would need a permit to operate such a […]
06. 2018
Florida Hit and Run Injury Attorney, Frank D. Butler

New Study Shows That Hit and Run Deaths Surge in Florida

Hit and run deaths are devastating accidents that often leave family members struggling to move on with their lives in the wake of a lost loved one. Discovering that someone you love was struck by a vehicle driven by someone who left the scene of the accident and never gave you the opportunity to get […]
05. 2018
Florida Hit and Run Lawyer, Frank Butler

Study Shows Florida Has Highest Rates of Fatal Hit and Run Accidents

Fatal hit and run accidents are an increasing problem across the United States but it turns out that Florida is home to far too many of these preventable incidents, ultimately exposing those survivors to a life filled with pain and attempted recovery. If you’ve already been critically injured in an accident like this, you deserve […]
04. 2018
Distracted Drivers In Florida

Distracted Drivers Often Don’t Realize They Are Distracted

Distracted Driving Goes Unnoticed Distracted driving has become an epidemic across the United States with plenty of people admitting that they engage in the behavior and a rising number of accidents tied to people who are looking at their phones. The insurance costs for drivers across the United States has gone up and so have […]
03. 2018
Florida Personal Injury Claims Lawyer, Frank Butler

Florida Just One of a Few States to Have Personal Injury Protections Still on the Books

If you’ve been living in FL for some time, you’re already familiar with the PIP laws in the state. It can be confusing to figure out what to do if you’ve suffered severe injuries and have exceeded the limits of your policy. Most people who already live in Florida are familiar with the personal injury […]
02. 2018

Drowsy Driving Causing Up to Eight Times as Many Crashes

Have you ever been tired behind the wheel? Most people have had this experience at least once and are not sure whether it’s truly impacting their ability to drive. But when you ignore that sensation that you’re struggling to focus, you could wind up in an accident. Most people don’t find this out until it’s […]
01. 2018
Sleep Deprivation Accident Injury Lawyer

What to Do If You Have Been Hurt in A Car Crash Caused by Sleep Deprivation

In the past year, the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention has announced that sleep deprivation is a serious health problem. As the new health crisis, this has to do with the fact that so many millions of people across the United States do not get the recommended 7 to 9 hours of sleep per […]